Web Day April 3th

April 3rd is Web Day at PyCon Lithuania 2024. Explore keynotes by web development luminaries Tom Christie and Daniel Roy Greenfeld. Delve into diverse topics such as observability, web scraping, security, API design, Django performance, microservices, cloud development, Django deployment, and scaling AI startups.


Tom Christie

Tom Christie

  • Creator of Django REST Framework (DRF),
  • Creator of httpx, A next-generation HTTP client for Python,
  • Creator of Starlette, the backbone of FastAPI,
  • Passionate about building web APIs,
  • Director at Encode
Daniel Roy Greenfeld

Daniel Roy Greenfeld

  • Author of Two Scoops of Django,
  • Works to address global climate change,
  • Does Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu,
  • Formerly NASA


Already confirmed talks:

Pythonic Insight: Navigating the Depths of Observability. by Francis Billa
Mastering Web Scraping: Unleash Your Data Extraction Wizardry! by Fabien Vauchelles
Cracking the Code: Decoding Anti-Bot Systems! by Fabien Vauchelles
Channeling your inner tech blogger by Keren Kenzi
PySecOps by Soundharya KhanapurShivani Shetty
Building your Python Cloud & Serverless applications locally using LocalStack! by Harsh Bardhan Mishra
Data Ingestion and Big Data by Mauro Pelucchi
Django FTL: Resolving bottlenecks on the path to high performance. by Maxim Danilov
µDjango 2.0, an asynchronous microservices technique. by Maxim Danilov
FastDjango: Conjuring Powerful APIs with the Sorcery of Django Ninja by Julius Boakye
Building advanced back-office interfaces using Django & HTMX by João Lucas Pires
Building and Scaling an AI Startup with Async Django by Piotr Gryko
How we Develop and Maintain a Modern Python Service at Mozilla: Merino as Example by Tadas Korris
Streamlining Django Deployment with Pulumi and Github Actions by Joseph Anyetei Sowah
Django + HTMX: Democratise Full Stack Web Development by Eimantas Nėjus
Lessons (I Wish I Knew These Before) from Migrating a Farm of Django Projects from On-Premises to AWS with Kubernetes by Justinas Kuizinas

More talks will be announced in the coming weeks.


The schedule is to be announced (TBA). Stay tuned for updates!


Information about the speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

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