Call for Proposals

Just give me the link to the actual CFP

Ok, here you go!

Call for Proposals

What PyCon Lithuania is looking for?


Python, PyData, Data Science, Data Engineer, Web Dev, DevOps, IOT, MicroPython, OpenSource, Security We are open to consider alternative topics!

  • Web development
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Machine learning
  • System administration
  • Game development
  • Education and outreach


We have special interests in these topics. Any submission that will be part of these topics are more likely to succeed.

  • FastAPI
  • PyScript
  • PySpark
  • Apache Airflow
  • Browser automation
  • MicroPython

Speaker benefits

  • Free entrance - Confirmed speakers receive a free ticket to attend the conference.
  • Talks recordings - profesionally made videos will be posted online.
  • Travel and/or accomodation - some of the submissions will be offered coverage of travel and/or accomodation

On conference speaking

Here is an excelent blog post by once PyCon Lithuania speaker Hynek Schlawack called On Conference speaking. It provides excelent insights on how to prepare talks

Hynek Schlawack - On Conference Speaking

I am interested, where I can submit my proposal?

Great! You can do it on our Pretalx page

Call for Proposals