I talk to ChatGPT about things

Room: Saphire A - Python
Date: 2023-05-18
Time: 14:00 - 14:25


The word ChatGPT has captured the imagination and the internet, but does ChatGPT truly know everything, is it truly AGI? To answer some of these questions and to formulate what testing a conversational agent trained on a large language model would look like, we had chatGPT take the wit test where we asked it riddles. Find out what it said. Quick introduction to Large Language Models, how they are trained and what can be improved. Slides and examples of the test associated with ChatGPT. Discussion of why ChatGPT fails with understanding contexts, doesn't do well at verbal math, doesn't know what a venn diagram is and has never heard an egg crack and what it means for the next generation of a conversational AI model. We will go deeper into how it perceives metaphorical language and convoluted relationships, we will also explore how the performance compares to that in the audience to have a good sense of what AGI means.

Aroma Rodrigues

Python Enthusiast, coding since 2014, it will be a decade next year. Yay! Multi-Pycon speaker engagements including India, South Africa, Europe, Sweden and Hong Kong. On the Natural Language Processing train since 2018. I do fun experiments, sometimes social with data, python and language models because I believe as do most multinational companies now, that the human condition is encoded in language, just as science in math, and it in inevitable that one day, we will be using computers to help us linguistically as they do mathematically.
Aroma Rodrigues