Unleashing the Power of Domain Driven Design and AWS with Python microservices

Room: Saphire C - Web Dev
Date: 2023-05-19
Time: 15:00 - 15:25


Domain Driven Design (DDD) is a design approach that puts the business model as the core ground modeling the system’s design and closes the gap between the business logic and code. Amazon Web Services (AWS) empowers DDD with tons of services that can boost your architecture with on-demand databases, message buses, and cloud computing units. And everything connects with a cherry on top - Python’s microservices on serverless AWS resources. In this talk, I will present a use case of how we augmented the client’s team with our experts and helped build the cloud platform for smart metering of IoT devices. The main focus will be put not on theory but rather on showing the technical details and feedback on both: AWS and Python and how they work together to make thousands of devices' data ingestion and data analysis possible for smart buildings. The outline: - Short intro about the project - DDD and how it looks in practice - Python’s role in this project and tactical patterns when building microservices - Conclusions what really worked out and what could be avoided - Q&A

Justinas Kuizinas

CTO at Corner Case Technologies Python developer for over 7 years AWS enthusiast and certified architect
Justinas Kuizinas