Repid: new job scheduler with Asyncio in mind

Room: Saphire A - Python
Date: 2023-05-19
Time: 14:00 - 14:25


There are 2 most commonly used job schedulers in the Python world: Celery and Dramatiq. Neither of them supports use of Asyncio natively, which can significantly leverage performance of your application. In this talk, we’ll discuss how you can use Repid to process large quantities of I/O bound tasks. We’ll then dive into the most useful features of the library that will provide you with the perfect framework to get the job done. After this talk, you will be inspired to unleash the power of Asyncio in your message-driven systems!

Aleksandr Sulimov

Aleksandr is a seasoned backend developer with a background in embedded development. He enjoys optimizing code and has a strong understanding of Python and the Asyncio library. As a Python developer on the Account & Subscription team at, he maintains authentication and user data services. Aleksandr is also an active contributor to open-source projects. He is passionate about backend development and is eager to share his expertise with others at the conference.
Aleksandr Sulimov