Market attribution in an increasingly privacy-centric industry

Room: Saphire A - Python
Date: 2023-05-18
Time: 14:30 - 14:55


Apple’s blocking of the IDFA identifier has made it difficult to attribute Apple users to marketing channels. This poses a big problem to many as it is harder to trace which channels are most effective in driving user-growth. It marks the first step towards the industry having to adapt to a more privacy-centric world where it is harder to track user-level data. In this talk, Avision will discuss how Mettle have reduced their reliance on user-level data by building a channel-level custom attribution model. This model enabled us to drive efficiencies in re-directing our spend on our strongest channels, leading to higher acquisition at lower cost. Some of the things we will deep-dive into is why this we use statsmodels instead of scikit-learn; how we benchmark our model’s appropriateness in the absence of an actual target; quickly servicing the insights to drive business-decisions as fast as possible; and then putting it into production via an Apache Airflow and BigQuery.

Avision Ho

User-centred, product-driven and highly-collaborative, Avision deeply believes in the power of collaboration to create products and features that play a key role in making user’s lives easier and more seamless. He has given a variety of talks on why Nobel-prize winning algorithms are not always optimal for businesses; how you can build products to reduce barriers and reach users where they are; and how you can transform the customer experience with user-journey analytics and design.
Avision Ho