Largest B2B pharma marketplace online: 7 years effors redone in a year thanks to python

Room: Saphire C - Web Dev
Date: 2023-05-19
Time: 14:00 - 14:25


We improved the performance, reduced costs, and increased user engagement for the largest B2B pharmaceutical marketplace. Using Python Django, we made the website 4x faster, reduced infrastructure costs by 50%, and decreased bugs by 80%. We also enabled a full CI/CD process, implemented platform alerting and monitoring, and increased delivery rates by 2x. Our team's experience in software development allowed us to revolutionize the marketplace's web development experience, resulting in a 38% growth in organic traffic and a significant increase in website traffic, conversions, and revenue. We also started with a platform built on Next.js that had a performance score of 25, but ended up with a platform that achieved a perfect 100 score on Google. Average platform operation times reduced from 1.2s to 250 ms, while operating on avg 3m requests month.

Tadas Pikutis

Developer -> BA -> PO -> SM -> CTO -> Contractor :)
Tadas Pikutis