Open space

Open Spaces are self-organizing one-hour meetup-like events which happen in parallel with the main conference. They are held in one or more meeting rooms within the PyCon LT space. There are actually more hours of Open Spaces than there are of talks! While most of the conference is planned months in advance, Open Spaces are created"just in time" by PyCon LT attendees during the conference. Open Spaces let you self-gather, self-define, and self-organize any way you like.

How do I participate in an Open Space?

It's pretty easy: Just show up :)

During PyCon, there will be Open Spaces boards somewhere near the registration desk. The boards act as a time table for all the Open Spaces, so you know where and when to go for the Open Spaces you're interested in. If a topic is not listed yet, find an open time slot and add it! Open Spaces topic cards are included in the goodie bag you receive at registration.

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