Revel Systems

Revel’s Mission

Revel seeks to disrupt and modernize the state of commerce by providing businesses of every size the tools necessary to thrive.

100 words about Revel:

Revel Systems is a feature-rich business platform transforming the way business is done by integrating all operations and customer channels, driven by the Point of Sale, into a single dashboard.

Designed to maximize security, stability, ease of use, and service delivery, Revel’s ecosystem replaces bulky, expensive legacy solutions with a quick, intuitive iOS-based POS platform that combines cloud-based technology and the mobility of the iPad.

We work with all businesses—from small merchants to global enterprises—looking to modernize, future-proof their operations, and implement a system that adds value through incremental revenue, cost reduction, and a better experience for customers and employees.

KTU “Startup Space”

KTU “Startup Space” was founded in 2012. The unique space offers access to resources of Kaunas University of Technology and magnificent network for a faster startup development.

We are professionals intensively working with innovative startups. Our main objective is to identify the potential of entrepreneurs and encourage them to fulfil their dreams.

More than 50 startups have been established since KTU “Startup Space” was founded.

KTU “Startup Space” is an open community, we search for various partners: mentors, experts, professionals who can contribute to Lithuanian startup society by joining our strong community.

We don’t limit teams by any criteria; innovative startup ideas are always welcome.

Programmers of Vilnius

We are Programmers of Vilnius, a software development company that specializes in web applications in Python, the Django Web framework, the Pyramid/Pylons Project, the Zope Toolkit, and also Python micro-frameworks.

We offer consulting, as well as custom software development services.


Our team consists of young talented developers and project managers who are passionate about their work and have extensive Odoo (formerly OpenERP) knowledge. Starting with a few senior developers in 2010, today we are a strong international team and Python has almost become our native language.

Today we can be proud to have more than 70 Odoo projects experience that was done in Europe, Australia and North America. We have experience with Odoo since 2008 with Odoo v4 (formerly Tiny v4). We are happy that we can improve our knowledge together with the latest Odoo versions.

Strategic Staffing Solutions

Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3) is a staffing and business services company founded in 1990 to provide customized project solutions and staffing across U.S. S3 International was established in Lithuania in 1999 to serve the professional staffing and business process outsourcing needs for companies in Europe. S3I has successfully delivered services to major international companies and banks, including the establishment and expansion of local operations and recruiting qualified Shared Services related staff in the region. S3I has placed more than 3,300 FTE resources for clients in Lithuania in 2008-2016. S3I is ranked #1 supplier to the top global companies with centers in Lithuania.